Acquire Company in Vietnam

We will help you acquire company in Vietnam and help you understand the investment strategy.

Understanding the market landscape is a key requirement for potential investors in strategic decision making.

Market Due Diligence

We will provide advice on your proposed business activities, including the options available under Vietnamese investment regulations and international commitments.

Licensing in Vietnam (Fintech & Remittance)

We will discuss the licensing body and licensing process, with a focus on restrictions, conditions and procedures, and will highlight the practical issues associated with the process.

Corporate Intelligence / Background check

Our research team can provide market, government and competitor intelligence, relevant to your business decision.


The fast growing Vietnam market offers a number of attributes that makes investing in Vietnam attractive to foreign investors:

Fast Growing Economy

As one of Asia’s and the world’s fastest growing economies, Vietnam’s GDP is at a 10-year high of 6.8% in 2017.

Integration to Global Economy

Vietnam’s participation in numerous FTAs has attracted foreign investments in the recent years. This helps to provide a Market Entry alternative for both new and existing participants..

Strategic Location

With large and relatively low labor cost, Vietnam remains one of the most attractive locations for foreign investors. The Mekong Region (including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and the southern provinces of China) provides access to an affluent market of over 250 million people.

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How can EST Advisory Management help you acquire company in Vietnam?

  • Advise on the most suitable license type (Fintech & Money Remittance).
  • We will do market due diligence on obtaining legal licensing.
  • Provide market and competitor intelligence that is relevant to your business nature.
  • Provide legal assistance during the entire process.
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  • Pre-Licensing, Market Entry Strategy, Legal Analysis & Advisory.
  • Deal Execution, Price Negotiation and Dealing Process.
  • Post Deal Support, Provide Your Company with Legal Services.
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Yes, foreign citizens are entitled to expand to Vietnam and incorporate a foreign-owned company in the country. However, there are certain restrictions and 100 % Foreign Invested Enterprise in Vietnam can be started only in the form of Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Joint Stock Company (JSC). Depending on the type of business entity you want to pursue, there are further regulations for foreigners to follow when establishing a company in Vietnam.

The most common company types are Limited Liability Company known as LLC and Joint Stock Company known as JSC. Both types are suitable for foreigners with an LLC being recommended to smaller companies with a few owners while a JSC better fits big businesses or those that plan to go public.

Although the local law does not stipulate the minimum capital, 10,000 USD is commonly considered as the minimum capital investors should prove during the registration.

Most probably yes. The Vietnamese law enables foreigners to open foreign-owned companies in most business sectors except for six business fields mentioned in the Negative List, namely:

  1. Drugs and narcotics,
  2. Hazardous chemicals and minerals,
  3. Range of specimens of endangered flora and fauna,
  4. Prostitution,
  5. Human trafficking, sale of human body parts and tissue,
  6. Human cloning or asexual reproduction.
Yes, there are several options suitable for investors who wish to expand without forming a legal entity.
  • HR Outsourcing
Engage Cekindo in your expansion, and relocate your staff or hire Vietnamese professionals without incorporating a legal entity. Cekindo will act as an Employer of Record (EOR), provide recruitment, payroll, business visas and work permits.
  • Local Distributor
Market your product in Vietnam through a local distributor. Cekindo will take care of shortlisting potential traders in Vietnam, and arrange meetings between them and your company. The main advantage for you is that you do not need to be physically present in Vietnam during the selection and negotiation part.

The process of starting an LLC or JSC in Vietnam takes approximately 1 to 3 months. In case, you wish to open a business as soon as possible, we recommend purchasing a shelf company from Cekindo. As such we can transfer the management control to you within a few working days.

Both local nominee company and shelf company represent fast ways how to incorporate a legal entity and penetrate the Vietnamese market successfully. A local nominee company is established through a nominee agreement with a trustworthy local partner such as Cekindo. In this case, the company is considered as a local company, requirements for its establishment are not that strict, and it takes around 10 working days to incorporate a local company in Vietnam. A shelf company is a previously established business with zero business activity and transactions. Investors who purchase a shelf company can start their business operations almost immediately.

Underestimating the role of a business partner or local nominee are one of the common business mistakes in Vietnam. Choosing a reliable local partner for your company is key to success in the country while reducing the potential risks. Cekindo offers local nominee services without any interventions to your business processes. We also allow our partners to terminate the contract sooner that its expiry date.

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